Article - Investment tools to grow your wealth

In this article, we are going to walk you through some very useful (and FREE) resources you can use to grow your savings and generate some extra wealth.

In our age, there is no shortage of data. There are tens of good news publication sites and hundreds of lousy ones.

As an investor you control the amount of data you are exposed to, so make sure that your information flow is quality information.

Here are three sites you can use:

  1. Reuters

    Is a news publication most other publications rely on. A totally free resource, you can pretty much get a bird’s eye view as to what is happening in the world, anywhere on the planet. Reuters high-quality news can provide you with a very good view as to current news on the subjects that interest you most.

  2. Morningstar Market Fair Value

    There is a little known, though a useful tool that does just that.
    It’s called Morningstar Market Fair Value.
    Morningstar business involves tracking funds to provide data to institutional investors.

  3. Google Finance

    You probably know this site, but may not use all it has to offer.
    Google Finance provides some unique advantages you can use:        

    Monitor multiple portfolios. A big part of investing is learning about many corporations and then tracking them to make sure they progress along the right path to grow their value.

    When you form a Portfolio, Google allows you to create a dedicated Calendar called “Events for My Portfolio” which can then integrate into your calendar all the key dates you want to know:

    Earning Releases, Investors Conferences, etc. Very useful tool for investors that want to keep a close eye on their investments and participate in quarterly earning conference calls,
    even while monitoring 200 different companies!

    Many times you will find interesting companies trading at the wrong price.

    That’s where Alerts come in handy.

    It comes with an interesting feature that lets you set a free alert to alert you to price, volume or percent change in price.

    This way you can get informed when a company you tracked several months ago hit your preferable buying price or your exit price.

  5. Big Charts
    Another free and useful chart site: Bigcharts from Marketwatch.

    What is special about BigCharts is its ability to show you Past P/E chart and EPS – actually showing you whether a higher price today is in fact, a cheaper valuation, or caused by fellow investors, bidding up the price without fundamentals improving.

  6. The SEC
    In the US – the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) runs the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR) with the purpose of providing YOU (yes! You! Where have you been?) access to all the data you want here:

    Just enter the ticker or name of the company and all its reporting is at your fingertips. Before you invest make sure you read the annual reports (10K’s) and you know about the persona’s running the show (and their financial incentives) by reading DET 14 documents.

  7. Let’s talk about Canada!
    The SEDAR

    Canada “EDGAR” is called The System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval or“SEDAR”.




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