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Why Investing Works?

I am always amazed at how few people really understand why investing has never failed to generate fantastic returns for those who participated in the Stock Exchange over the long run. Understanding the reason might be your most powerful weapon and advantage on your way to become wealthier.

When Share Dilution Goes Wrong

Shares, in public companies, are a form of property right that can be created at will and sold for cash. Much like a government can print bills, diluting the value of the bills in your purse, so can owners-managers in public companies print shares and dilute your stake.

Stocks Vs Real Estate

There are many ways of creating an immense amount of wealth that will lead you to your finical freedom. The big question is which way will bring you there faster, ending up with the largest amount of assets.

Investors’ view on Employee Stock Options

We use Employee Stock Options to reward an employee without using the operational cash flow, or to incentivize employees in a manner that will enhance the price of the company’s stock as owners do. But do Employee Stock Options really succeed in achieving their stated goals for the business owners?

The 3 Challenges in Gaining Wealth

Most people do not appreciate how much wealth is lost in currency over the years. Had you taken $10,000 in 1960 and kept it in a safe through to 2015, you would still have the same $10,000 but at the same time lost a huge part of your money. How can that be, you ask?